Launch of « Respi » on the App Store

"Respi" for iPad & iPhone is an application available in 10 languages, which caters to office workers whose jobs mean that they stay in the same posture for too long. "Respi" is a daily set of exercises, devised by the professional osteopath Anne Beatrice Leygues, which allows them to get their breath back.

The new application of well-being sedentary will allow to get better and better next step, simple exercises, games and effective. The exercises are designed to be carried out in the workplace.

Developed by an osteopath who is an expert in Do-In and Hatha yoga, these exercises are designed to be a daily routine for greater well-being. They are presented in the form of videos narrated by a voiceover (translated into 10 languages : French, English, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic,Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Portuguese), which explains and details the movements, for use in the work environment

The 3 pillars necessary for well-being are respiration which stimulates blood circulation, self-massage to warms the muscles, and adopting a posture which loosens and strengthens the body. The exercises by "Respi" are a playful and gentle synergy of these three disciplines.

- available in 10 languages
- 2,29 € July 2018

Respi (english version)